How Does Binovision™ work?

Binovision™ is a binocular vision therapy based on real-time manipulation for streaming video content to perform audiovisual brain stimulation, thereby encouraging brain plasticity.

It performs dichoptic, dynamic binocular stimulation, using brightness/contrast oscillations and flickering, superimposed objects and audio cues.

With Binovision™, the amblyopic eye is stimulated by an image with increased intensity, while the fellow eye is stimulated by an image with decreased intensity.  The stimulation increases blood flow and perfusion, and reactivates synaptic connections in the brain to induce anti suppression of the eye’s functionality.

Why is Binovision™ better than traditional treatments?

Binovision™ amblyopia treatment is based on enjoyable passive watching of any video content, easily securing long term compliance.

Occlusion therapy, by contrast, requires 2 to 6 hours daily, and involves high levels of discomfort for children as well as stressing the parents. Only ~60% of the children actually reach normal vision with occlusion therapy.

Atropine drops can also hard be to administer in children, and are associated with rare but severe side effects, from flushing and dry mouth to hyperactivity, tachycardia and even seizures. Atropine also brings relatively slower vision improvement.

Does Binovision™ have adverse effects?

No adverse effects were reported after using Binovision™

Is Binovision™ FDA cleared?

Not yet – Binovision™ is in the process of attaining FDA clearance.

Has Binovision™ been clinically tested?

Yes, Binovision™ binocular vision therapy was tested in a study, where 70% of participants achieved visual acuity improvement after just 4 weeks. In the study, Binovision™ was found to offer a potential alternative treatment to occlusion. Our amblyopia treatment content’s variety & familiarity contributed to the patients’ compliance. Efficacy was observed in strabismic children and previously treated children’s BCVA further improved. The effect was typically sustained after treatment completion, and no adverse effects were reported.

How long does it take for Binovision™ to bring improvement?

Binovision™ typically yields initial improvement in just 4 weeks.