Medisim takes pride in providing best-in-class support and service. The company is committed to providing a comprehensive support and service system to ensure an optimal experience for users, pediatric ophthalmologists, pediatric optometrists, sellers and distributors, with the firm backing of clinical expertise.

As Medisim is extremely flexible in its supply system, and views its partners as a key part of its strategy, the company tailors suitable programs for its partners’ needs.

Medisim’s excellence shapes not only its technology but also its service. Highly attentive to its partners, Medisim’s support is extended by a seasoned team of professionals. All this allows partners, professionals to focus on what’s important – helping patients achieve visual acuity improvement.

Where to Buy

The Binovision™ device is easily accessible through a variety of channels. For more information on the most convenient channel for you, please contact us.