How can video content treat?

Binovision™ introduces a revolutionary Amblyopia treatment modality, based on real-time manipulation for streaming video content performing brain stimulation.

Binovision™ therapy consists of simply watching any enjoyable video content (any TV shows, movies or video games of the child’s choice) through a compact plug-and-play device for just 1 hour a day.

The device integrates the stimulation into the child-selected content in real time. The audiovisual stimulation encourages brain plasticity, typically bringing visual acuity improvement in a short time.

Product Advantages

As the lazy eye treatment consists of enjoyable passive watching, it easily secures parents adherence, and child compliance, which is the key to effective treatment and is the main setback of current amblyopia therapies.

Watch a favorite video, and let Binovision™ do the work!


  • Fast, effective therapy – over 70% of participants in a study improved after 4 weeks
  • Favorite video content serves as therapy
  • No discomfort, pain or adherence challenges (as in other therapies)
  • Fast improvement of visual acuity
  • No reported adverse side effects
  • Anytime, anywhere, at home or on the move
  • Plug & Treat – connect to any video source, no installation required
  • All ages, one size fits all, easy to operate