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The Binovision™ device is easily accessible through a variety of channels. For more information on the most convenient channel for you, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amblyopia?

Amblyopia is a condition which impairs the vision in one eye, owing to a lack of coordination between the eye mechanisms and the brain. Amblyopia is estimated to affect 2.5%–5% of children, and is the most common cause of monocular visual impairment among young and middle-aged adults.

How Does Binovision™ work?

Binovision™ treatment is based on real-time manipulation for streaming video content to performing brain stimulation. The therapy consists of fun streaming video content (any TV shows, movies or video games of the child’s choice) through a compact plug-and-play device for just 1 hour a day.  The audiovisual stimulation encourages brain plasticity, typically bringing visual acuity improvement in a short time.

Why is Binovision™ better than traditional treatments?

Binovision™ is based on enjoyable passive watching, so your child will gladly and easily receive the treatment. This secures long term adherence, which is the key to effective results.

Traditional therapies such as patching and atropine drops are much more challenging to administer. Patching requires 2-6 hours daily, and only ~60% of the children actually reach normal vision with it. Atropine drops are associated with rare but severe side effects, from flushing and dry mouth to hyperactivity, tachycardia and even seizures. Atropine also brings relatively slower vision improvement.

Has Binovision™ been clinically tested?

Yes, Binovision™ therapy was tested in a study, where 70% of participants achieved visual acuity improvement after just 4 weeks.

The treatment effect was typically sustained after treatment completion, and no adverse effects were reported.

How long does it take for Binovision™ to bring improvement?

Binovision™ typically brings improvement in just 4 weeks.

Is Binovision™ FDA cleared?

Not yet – Binovision™ is in the process of attaining FDA clearance.